MEDCOM feels that support for a product has to contain installation, training and ongoing support with regular updates to be complete. Therefore, all updates and upgrades are included in the support plans to keep the systems up to date and meeting current needs. Cost effective annual renewal of the support extends the total support and upgrade/update support.

MEDCOM's software and hardware engineering expertise in the medical community provides the customer the finest in quality products and service. MEDCOM is dedicated to keeping its clients up to date. For the latest PC communication technology, look to MEDCOM Information Systems, Inc.

Pre Installation Interviews and Site Surveys
MEDCOM believes the key to a successful installation is a thorough understanding of the specific needs of each facility prior to attempting installation and training. Varying personal skills, site layouts, existing applications and existing equipment must all be considered in the training plan. Training in Windows and equipment updates may be required before the application training can begin. For the system to be effective for the purchaser, all components must support the defined objectives.

Installation Services
Installation of equipment and applications must be completed and tested before training can be started. The hardware and all required connectivity is the foundation or platform that all activities will operate on. Once the hardware system is certified, the training can begin without disruption. The training agenda can then be completed to your satisfaction.

On Site Training
MEDCOM has found that on-site training is by far the best approach to training the staff on new systems. The training agenda is developed around the findings of the pre-installation interview. The result is a training program that is tailored to the specific needs of the staff and that meets the facilities' objectives. MEDCOM understands no two facilities are the same in the way that they treat patients. Workflow differences are a part of the culture that has been adopted for the practice of medicine in each facility.

Product Support
MEDCOM products are all provided with a complete support package for one year after installation. The support includes additional follow-on training, upgrades to the software, updates to the reference data sets, and unlimited problem solving. Extension of the first year support program can be purchased annually to keep the system current and operating at peak efficiency.

Consulting Services
For facilities needing extra help in meeting new objectives, MEDCOM can provide a full range of consulting services to assist in mergers, new construction, staffing assistance and HIPAA compliance and much more. A complete strategic plan can be developed to meet the desired objectives.

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