Rule Reminders


The Rule Reminder function reminds you to perform tests and procedures (such as mammograms, Pap smears, etc.) based on rules that you can write in plain English. The program comes with libraries of pre-written reminders that you can use as well. The program shows you all indicated tests when you open a patient's chart, and you can scan the entire practice to find all patients due for a particular test, then send the patients reminder letters.

CPT Codes

When you store a note, the natural language interpreter analyzes what items of history and physical you have covered and sends this information to Alpha II Coder, which automatically recommends the appropriate CPT code.


The Security System lets you assign passwords and access levels for each user of the program by program function and physician panel. The Program Log is an audit trail of each access and change of data in the program. You can also scan for tampering of your data and can hide specific visits and diagnoses from other users for greater privacy.


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