Founded in 1992, MEDCOM is located in Hoffman Estates, IL. MEDCOM provides leading technology in integrated healthcare data systems, great customer support, and prices that can't be beat! All products are PC based using the Microsoft Windows operating system.Through our commitment, experience, and expertise, MEDCOM has established a business relationship with our customers that will last a lifetime!

MEDCOM offers products incorporating leading edge concepts which have a proven track record. A solid foundation for MEDCOM's systems comes from an attitude of open connectivity. MEDCOM provides these capabilities at cost- effective prices. Interfaces to existing systems are effectively and efficiently made with the use of the proprietary Translator III Interface Engine. The Translator III is embedded into each application requiring connectivity to other systems.

MEDCOM is dedicated to providing systems that grow with the users' needs and will interface to new products that become available in the future.MEDCOM serves over 700 installations throughout the United States. Specializing in cost effective connectivity with laboratories, laboratory equipment and mainframe computers provides the basis for being able to integrate with virtually any modern healthcare system and software application.MEDCOM has developed a number of proprietary programs which include the MEDCOM Lab Manager and MEDCOM WebLab that provide order entry, patient result storage, lab quality control storage, and ASP products. These programs provide the clinician with "easy to install" networking capability without the need for expensive programming and consulting costs.

In 1992, MEDCOM sought out and selected a leading edge charting program and exclusively markets and supports Welford Chart Notes. MEDCOM has also selected a practice management system and a hospital information system to complement the other products being offered. Many times, users are looking for something new and/or different. MEDCOM can provide the Edimis Practice Manager, ISD Clinic Manager and ISD Hospital Manager with confidence. The products are well designed and the support is excellent. MEDCOM will continue to add software and hardware products which complement the existing products and support the MEDCOM mission. In keeping with the MEDCOM open connectivity philosophy, all products seamlessly integrate with any other modern medical program with the use of the MEDCOM Translator III interface engine.

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