The Monthly Welford Newsletter is intended to provide an overview of some of the newer features of Welford Chart Notes. If you need more help or have questions about any aspect of Welford please contact MEDCOM Support.


2018 Newsletter

May Reminders Warn if Not a Test
April Procedure Code Auto Import ICD 10 Option
March Medication Polypharmacy Option
February Lab Book Redisplay Text
January Lab Book Graph Playback

2017 Newsletters

December Diagnosis Editor Define ICD-10
November @allupcomingreminders
October Exporting Your Data To Another EMR
September Exporting Your Data To Another EMR
August Exporting Your Data To Another EMR
July Exporting Your Data To Another EMR
June Lab Book Graph In 3-D
May In-Box Colors
March Breast Feeding Alerts
February Breast Feeding Alerts

2016 Newsletters

December Image Utility Export To CSV File
November Vaccine @Functions
October Dose Editor Any Health
September New Medications @Functions
August New Appointment Scheduler Options
July Export and Import Your Template Wordlists
June Visiter Find All
May Lab Book Reminders
April Diagnosis Auto-Warn Unspecified ICD-10 Option
March Using the Alert Log
February Meaningful Use Audit
January Version 6.7 Released

2015 Newsletters

December Rule Reminder Enhancements
November ICD-10 Enhancements
October Record the Reason You Stopped a Medication
September Save Your Lab Book Graphs To a File
August Cardiovascular Risk Calculator
July Editing Dosing Information
June Creating Your Own Formulas
May Parsing the Detailed Family History
April Recording No Family History of In the Detailed Family History
March Recording a Relative in the Detailed Family History
February Recording a Relative in the Detailed Family History
January Version 6.6 Released

2014 Newsletters

December Vital Signs Form Last Weight Option
November Re-Parsing for a Single Test
October New Rule Reminder Concepts
September Declaring Not Allergic
August New Lab @Functions
July Prescription Log Print and Redisplay Groups
June Pharmacy Search by Example
May Version Log
April Generic Report Generator Export And Import
March Cross-Reacting Allergies Skip List
February Writing Better Prescriptions
January Version 6.5 Released

2013 Newsletters

December More On The New Newcrop Workflow
November Print Settings Group Chart Summary
October New Newcrop Workflow
September Color Your Notes
August Duplicate Class Warning Skip List
July Version 6.4 Released
June Version 6.3 Certified for Meaningful Use
May Growth Charts
April Help Videos Moved to the Web
March Conditional Template Nesting
February Use Help Across a Network
January Dragon Medical Tested

2012 Newsletters

December Customize Your Lab Book Categories
November Name Editor Warn if Similar Names
October Meaningful Use Reminder Measure
September- Version 6.2 Certified by Infogard for Meaningful Use
August- Exploring the User's Manual
July- Version 6.2 Released
june- New Vital Signs Form Features
May- Reminders (User’s Manual, pgs. 1252-1256)
April - Dynamed Link
March - Version 6.1 Certified For Meaningful Use
February - Running Welford Chart Notes On An IPad
January - Version 6.1 Released!

2011 Newsletters

December - Send and Receive E-mail Using Microsoft Outlook
November - Security Enhancements
- Appointment Scheduler Enhancements
- Anatomical Drawings
August - Meaningful Use Non-Numeric Measures
July - Version 6.0 Released
June - Immunization Report
May - Public Health Reporting
April - Creating Continuity of Care Documents
March - Running the Meaningful Use Report
February - Get Ready for Meaningful Use
January - Version 5.9 released

2010 Newsletters

December - Generate Mailing Labels
October - Reviewing Transcribed Dictation
September - Dictating Into Your Notes
August - Link to UpToDate
July - Version 5.8 Released
June - Merging Two Charts
May - Using the Image Editor
April - Warn If Can't Check Alerts and Interactions
March - Editing Advanced Order Sets
February - Using Advanced Order Sets
January - Version 5.7 Released

2009 Newsletters

December - Create Your Own Vaccine Record Layout
November - Lab Book Revisions
October - Dosage System
September - Tips on Using the New Help System
August - Electronic Prescribing Add Pharmacy Add New Workflow
July - Version 5.6 Released
June - Exporting Data to Dragon NaturallySpeaking
May - Using the Vaccine Record
April - New Features in Version 5.5
March - What to do when a Pharmacy fails to receive your Prescription
February - Adding Pharmacies for Electronic Prescribing
January - Sending Prescriptions Electronically

2008 Newsletters

December - Restoring a Deleted Appointment
November - Automatically Adjust Expander Capitalization
October - Parser Warn Rule On Parsing Options
September - PDF Support
August - Alert & Interaction Options
July - Version 5.4 released
June - Prescription Log / Prescription Writer Options
May - Inbox Fax Log Warnings
April - Record Insurance Information
March - Record Emergency Contacts
February - Faxing Your Documents
January - Version 5.3 released


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