MEDCOM's experience with a wide variety of nationally known laboratory instrument manufacturers resulted in the development of a unique programmable data-stream "translator" for instrument communication and is the heart of the MEDCOM Laboratory Information System. This exclusive "easy-link" concept permits the CLIA software and other ancillary programs to be instantly tailored to virtually any number of laboratory instruments or instrument combinations.
The Translator III is a unique BI-DIRECTIONAL TRANSLATION engine developed to make the PC - INSTRUMENT READY. It provides the user an economical alternative to expensive consultants and programmers previously associated with instrument interfacing. The Translator III is designed to permit remote configuration via modem or the Internet. If an instrument manufacturer changes the interface protocol used by the MEDCOM LIS, the communications will break down. MEDCOM can remotely connect to the LIS and correct the problem in minutes with the Translator III interface engine.

Full bi-directional integration with billing and electronic medical records systems is equally simple using the Translator III interface engine.
MEDCOM Information Systems, Inc. has interfaced to numerous systems and promotes ASTM/HL7 standards to make communications a simple and faster process. If those standards are not being used, Translator III is equally capable of handling the task.
Look to MEDCOM Information Systems, Inc. for your instrument interfacing for a totally automated clinical laboratory.

See how easy it is to automate your laboratory,...and to comply with CLIA regulations. If you would like to receive a free demo copy of MEDCOM Lab Manager please call 1-800-213-2161 or fill out our quick form here.

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