MEDCOM Lab Manager is used to manage all patient test orders and the storage of results. It is designed to replace paper-based systems and automate the entire process of lab work from the time a doctor orders the test to the time the results are returned to the doctor.
Without a computerized lab information system, doctors manually write out lab requisitions to order specific tests. The requisition is then carried or faxed to the lab. The lab performs the tests and manually enters the results on a paper document which is carried or faxed back to the doctor for review and then stored in the patient chart. MEDCOM Lab Manager streamlines the whole process by allowing the doctor or staff person to enter a lab order directly in Welford Chart Notes (or other charting system) for the patient, and the order is then automatically sent to the MEDCOM Lab Manager. The lab results from the analytical instruments are validated, released and automatically sent back to the doctor and are updated in Welford Chart Notes or other charting system. The whole process can be totally paperless eliminating manual entry errors and greatly reducing the turnaround time. In addition, lab charges can be automatically sent to Edimis Practice Manager (or other practice manager system) for automatic posting, saving more time and reducing potential for errors.

See how easy it is to automate your laboratory,...and to comply with CLIA regulations. If you would like to receive a free demo copy of MEDCOM Lab Manager please call 1-800-213-2161 or fill out our quick form here.

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