Quality Control

The software integrates quality control functions, instrument calibrations and the patient database into one comprehensive program assisting in compliance with federal laws. Quality control results are sent from the laboratory instrument to the MEDCOM Lab Manager quality control database. By appropriate menu selection, the laboratorian is given the opportunity to run and store all controls in the database before patient results are received, or....quality control can be performed along with the patient orders for specific tests. The software has been designed with flexibility to satisfy a wide variety of individual user operations and time saving options.

Out-of-Range QC is flagged and the system warns the user of the condition and also suggests appropriate action to be taken. The user can also include any comments within the warning message and these comments will appear in the records for review. Any test whose QC has failed and has not been repeated is automatically taken out of the run. A predefined range is used to determine whether the QC level passes or fails. The user also has the option of using the Westgard rules for monitoring QC's. Correlation studies can also be run simultaneously with the primary controls. Mean and standard deviation are calculated automatically.

Automatic Levey-Jennings Graph Presentation

No more manual plotting of graphs...QC results are automatically plotted in crisp, clean and easy to understand Levey-Jennings color graphs. Additional run statistics on each and all QC points are also shown with mean and CV automatically calculated. Information on each run of all QC's is clearly identified both graphically and numerically.

See how easy it is to automate your laboratory,...and to comply with CLIA regulations. If you would like to receive a free demo copy of MEDCOM Lab Manager please call 1-800-213-2161 or fill out our quick form here.

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