MEDCOM's LIS is scaleable and provides for multi-site applications. In fact, multiple labs can be integrated to assist with workflow management. The main lab may support remote labs where the remote lab performs some testing and the main lab performs testing for the balance of the work. The complete order is placed on the remote lab and the system automatically determines what portion of the order is to be sent electronically to the main lab. In effect the main lab becomes a seamless extension of the remote lab. With this capability, growth will not be a problem. If your initial needs are for a smaller system, you can be comfortable that the system can scale to any size needed. The MEDCOM Lab Information Manager contains a complete database with patient demographics and full database functions such as the ability to search and edit by name, ID, or accession number and print results in many different formats. The reporting capabilities are numerous (by physician, by location and by ordering system) each with its own format. The patient database allows the user to comply with CLIA patient record keeping requirements.

See how easy it is to automate your laboratory,...and to comply with CLIA regulations. If you would like to receive a free demo copy of MEDCOM Lab Manager please call 1-800-213-2161 or fill out our quick form here.

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