CCD Features


CCD (Clincal Continuity Document) is a universal format for exchanging medical information among health care providers. Support for CCD is a Meaningful Use requirement. Welford Chart Notes has many CCD features. The CCD Reader lets you read any CCD. The CCD Exporter exports a patient’s chart in CCD format. The program automatically creates a CCD whenever you refer a patient to another Provider. The CCD Log keeps track of every time you create a CCD and to whom you send it.

Medication Reconciliation

Welford Chart Notes makes it easy to perform medication reconciliation, a Meaningful Use requirement. You can display a scanned image of a patient’s medication list side-by-side with the Medication Editor in order to update the medication list. If you have a text file which contains a list of a patient’s medications, Welford Chart Notes can convert the text into a checklist of medications and automatically highlight those medications on the list which differ from the patient’s current list in the Medication Editor. Pressing a single button automatically synchronizes the lists. You can also reconcile medications manually. The Medication Reconciliation Log keeps track of each time a patient’s medications have been reconciled.





















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