Patient Lab Letters


Generate letters, postcards, or files to patients informing them of their test results using the Patient Lab Letter feature. The program comes with default explanations of the significance of each lab test, but you can edit these to provide your own explanations as well. The program keeps a log of each time a Patient Lab Letter is generated.


Confidential Charts
You can designate certain charts as Confidential, to be viewed by only a select group of users at your site. You can also designate users who can open the chart in case of an emergency, and designate which actions are required to access a Confidential Chart. The program logs each time a Confidential chart is viewed as well as any attempts to open a Confidential Chart by an unauthorized user.


Patient Notification Preferences
You can record the methods by which each patient prefers to be notified (about appointments, test results, etc.) using the Patient Notification Preferences feature.


Immunization Report
You can generate reports about immunizations you have administered and submit these reports to other parties such as public health departments using the Immunization Report. The ability to generate such reports is a Meaningful Use requirement.


Influenza Report
You can generate reports about your patients with influenza and submit these reports to public health authorities using the Influenza Report. The ability to generate such reports is a Meaningful Use requirement.



The program has a wealth of other features not covered in this quick tour. To find out more, and to see a free demo disk with videos showing the program in action, contact MEDCOM Information Systems at 800-424-0258.





















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