The In-Box shows you all relevant incoming information in a single, easy-to-use list. You can see messages from other users at your site, incoming test results and documents (such as correspondence from other physicians), prescription refills requiring authorization, which patients are waiting to be seen in exam rooms, and much more. Each user can customize exactly which items to view in the In-Box. Clicking on any item lets you view and edit the detailed information. Clicking on the tabs across the top of the In-Box opens that particular section of the highlighted patient's chart.


The Prescription Writer automatically warns you of inappropriate dosages, drug interactions, formulary violations, overdue relevant lab tests, contraindications, and precautions. It also warns if you are about to refill a drug too soon or later than expected, helping you to flag noncompliant or drug dependent patients. All prescriptions are stored in a Prescription Log, along with refill requests and authorizations.


The integrated appointment scheduler shows you up to 7 days or 7 providers' schedules at once. You can easily move appointments by simply dragging them with your mouse. The program can quickly search for the next available appointments, and lets you easily spot no-shows. You can export your appointments to JulySoft which will then call all patients and remind them of upcoming appointments.


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